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Time Ensemble 2016

July 12, 2016

My work was to design and develope a new website for Time Ensemble. Time Ensemble is an international choir with members from around the world. 

They wanted that to be shown on the website.

The front-end was build with Drupal, with custom written modules for the specific needs of the website. And a custom and simple CMS for members to navigate was build over original Drupal 7 CMS. It would be simple and easy when editing or creating new content for the website, to make it fast and simple for the end user.

My responsibilities:

  • Design and Custom Theme Development
  • Frontend based on Bootstrap 3
  • Backend based on Drupal
  • Responsive Design
  • Custom CMS User Experience Design over original CMS
  • CMS very dynamic, add info in one place, and it shows on multiple pages and other contents
  • Connect content like Members and Events with World Map coordinates
  • Easy connection with Youtube, Soundcloud and Vimeo

Click here to see the website

Time Ensemble design