Olar Krjukov about



My name is Olar Krjukov and this website contains an overview of my portfolio in film, 2d art, web design and creative writing. Don’t be shy to look at my work. If you feel it has an appeal for you, you can contact me here.

Born and raised in an Estonian small town, I was a part of the last generation of the Soviet Union and the first one who experienced the glorified democracy, putting me in the unique position to gain the best and the worst of both eras. I was thought to be independent, obedient, rebellious, fearful and brave, all in the same moment, letting my creativity and imagination run wild.

I am an autodidact (Self-teacher), always craving to learn about new things that I don’t fully understand and admiring people who have used their ingenuity to create amazing new concepts from recycled old ones.
In that sense I believe in chaos, that nothing is ever lasting and everything is designed from ground up to be gone one magical day. The same is with creativity. It’s always changing, taking new and unknown forms and tossing away old and worn out ideas. And every day I like to dive into that unknown and unreasonable force of madness without knowing what will be waiting for me on the other side.